Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why do we have moles?

Our Answer:
To make us more unique, but let me find the actual answer for you.

THE Answer:
Moles originate from pigmented cells called melanocytes. Almost everyone has moles, at least a couple. Moles usually develop in childhood or in the teen years of life although some people keep getting moles during their entire lifetime and a few people are born with them. Moles are usually brown in color (due to the melanin pigment) and are a variety of sizes and shapes, can be flat or raised from the skin, and can even contain body hairs. Moles may darken when pregnant, exposed to sunlight, or when undergoing certain medical treatments. It is now thought that many moles develop due to sun exposure (but certainly not all).

Why Tom & Jerry don't talk? (although other characters do)

Our Answer:
Let me find out.

THE Answer:
Have NOT found the answer yet.
This is probably the infamous first question which we can't find an answer for.

We have searched online for a clue or an explanation but nothing.

We know that in the first or second episodes the actually say a few words and in later episodes they mumble sounds, but no speak for the most cases.
The intriguing part is that other characters speak, either humans or animals.
what was the decision behind keeping the main characters mute?

In any case its an interesting question that had never come up in my mind until Ander asked last weekend.

We knew there would be one question one day that would challenge this site. This is that question. Any light that would help find an answer would be appreciate it.