Monday, March 2, 2009

why babies don't have teeth?

Our Answer:
Because they are born like that.

THE Answer:
Babies don't have any teeth at first because they don't need them. They receive all their nourishment from liquid food-breast milk or formula-during their first few months. When babies are born their digestive systems are not yet fully mature, and they cannot process solid food well. While capable of sucking, their mouths and tongues are not yet ready for the complicated process of chewing and swallowing solid food.

Babies change quickly, though, and by about four months they need to eat some kind of solid food to get the calories they need to keep growing. But the food that they eat is soft or soupy because they still don't have any chewing teeth. Still, babies can use their gums and tongues pretty well to eat specially prepared solid foods. And gumming hard foods prepares babies for the time when they will have a full set of teeth in their mouths (at about two years old).

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