Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why are bad guys bad?

Our Answer:
Behaving bad is one thing thing, doing bad things is another thing, being bad is a problem because it means that you can resolve your problems, so you get more and more angry.

One Answer:
(this is probably the hardest question asked by the kids to answer so far. Doing a little bit of research I realized that defining what makes people bad, or evil is a complex issue, but furthermore, agreeing on what actions make us bad is a complicated moral question.
Of all the opinions I've read, this seems like a valid one:

There are no good or bad people in the world. People however do make choices that are good or bad. A person therefore makes a choice to engage in activities that are considered good or bad. The choices people make are usually dependant on the psychological conditioning they are exposed to, from the moment of foetal conception, to the point of completion of their social/cultural programming. This social/cultural programming is similar to the programming of a computer’s processor with data that is considered to be factual. The computer then compares all incoming data against its programmed intelligence, in order to generate a conclusion. Similarly the human intellect processes incoming data based on the morals/values they have been conditioned with. Some of these morals/values are inherited from genetic sources and the others are learnt from the environment to which the absorptive mind is exposed.

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